Greenwald, Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge, Assange all use same ‘deep state’ formula to push back against Russia story

The first step in dismissing someone’s concerns is to brand them as hysterical.

Trump’s ties to Russia, the hacking of the DNC, Trump administration officials lying about their communications with Russians, a global disinformation campaign that is undermining democracy and empowering right-wing authoritarian leaders and parties across the West — the attention being directed at all of this, is, some observers claim, all part of an “anti-Russia frenzy” that is being stoked in order to topple the Trump presidency.

The new coalition of left and right that has brought together Trump supporters and nominal Trump opponents, seem to be agreed on this: the best way of addressing the story of Russian interference in American democracy is to ignore Russia.

After all, if for decades you have been obsessed about the enemy in Washington, how can all this Kremlin talk be seen as anything other than another sinister plot spawned by the American masters of the Deep State?

Apparently the term Deep State is new to some on the right, but it’s popularization by Glenn Greenwald is serving the Trump camp well.


For those who are eager to counteract the effects of the unremitting flow of Russia-related stories involving team Trump, the latest piece of ammunition has been provided by Michael Tracey whose supposed deconstruction of the story cycle is being hailed as a “must read.”

I don’t think Greenwald gets directions from Moscow, but if he did, they would be very concise: keep doing what you’re already doing.

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One thought on “Greenwald, Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge, Assange all use same ‘deep state’ formula to push back against Russia story

  1. Dieter Heymann

    “Deep State” is a ridiculous construction of a non-existing American cabal used as a substitute for serious analysis which these persons are too lazy to conduct.
    It is even used by leftists who had hoped that President Trump would be an anti-war president. Whenever Trump veers from that anti-war line “Deep State” is the culprit which has poisoned Trump’s pristine mind. As I said these persons are too lazy to connect the clearly evident dots. Trump has never been an anti-war person. Like Obama he has his own list of stupid and necessary wars.
    Finding explanations for shortcomings or failures or establishing scare among the population is not new. It has been tried countless times all around the world. Nearly always “Deep State” was a religious, ethnic, or otherwise social minority.

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