Trump just decimated the White House’s entire Comey narrative


Aaron Blake writes: I wrote Wednesday that the White House’s explanations for firing James B. Comey were crumbling. Well, President Trump just exploded them.

In one fell swoop, Trump totally contradicted his three top spokespeople and offered a polar-opposite version of events than they had provided.

After they had spent the past 45 hours emphasizing that this was a decision Trump arrived at after receiving a memo and recommendation from Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, Trump just blurted out that he was going to fire Comey all along. Basically, he admitted the memo was a ruse and a political ploy. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Trump just decimated the White House’s entire Comey narrative

  1. hquain

    “Sessions agreed to develop a cover story for Trump.” It’s a good time to return to your piece of Mar 2, re: Sessions lying about contacts with Kislyak (last seen in Tass photos chumming it up with Trump in the WH), linked in the sidebar.

    Sessions, the joking racist, is a conduit to the Senate and perhaps Congress more generally, where he is ‘well-liked’. One of the mysteries is why the institutional Republicans are going along with the increasingly suicidal shambles, especially when they’ve got a chokehold on the government without Trump. It’s reasonable to guess that entanglement, of a type that cannot tolerate exposure, runs deep and wide.

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