Pence told high-school students good leaders are humble. Then he praised Trump

Jena McGregor writes: So much for that speculation about Vice President Mike Pence distancing himself from President Trump amid the uproar over Trump Jr.’s Russia emails.

On Wednesday at American University, Pence, who called those news reports “offensive,” delivered a speech that was dripping with adulation for his boss. Speaking to the National Student Leadership Conference, Pence glorified Trump as someone “who literally embodies American leadership.” He called “The Art of the Deal,” Trump’s book from 30 years ago, “actually an American classic” that “holds words of wisdom for all future leaders that are gathered here today.” He told the gathered group of outstanding high school students that “you couldn’t have picked a better time to study leadership” and “at this very moment, we’re seeing the bold leadership of an American president on the world stage.”

Yet the praise didn’t end there. Pence went on to hold up Trump as an example when he talked about the importance of humility in leaders. “Our president, he leads by asking questions and he listens,” Pence told the students, sharing the story of a meeting with tech executives during the transition, when he said Trump asked questions and listened to the executives for much of two hours. “And I believe that reflects the kind of humility that will enhance your ability to be a leader.”

Trump may be many things, but humble is not one of them. [Continue reading…]

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