Yes, Steve Bannon should terrify you

Frank Bruni writes: Remember all the talk, before Steve Bannon was expectorated from the Trump administration, that he’d be a worse menace on the outside than on the inside?

Turns out it was true.

He popped up last week in a picture as unsettling as any image from Puerto Rico, North Korea or Las Vegas. It showed the potbellied Pygmalion beside a new protégé, Michael Grimm, who is hoping to reclaim, from a fellow Republican, the congressional seat that he had to vacate a few years back when he was convicted of felony tax fraud and sent off to the clink. Bannon apparently wants to help.

Why? Excellent question. Grimm’s botched effort to enrich himself by hiding $1 million of his restaurant-business earnings doesn’t exactly scream populism. He has as much to do with draining the swamp as Cheetos do with nutrition. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Yes, Steve Bannon should terrify you

  1. Dieter Heymann

    Steve Bannon cannot write legally valid Executive Orders. The President can and what he is doing is clearly a reversal of the sometimes much too slow march of our nation to a more humane society. It is easy to destroy which is what Trump is doing. I have yet to see a single EO or act which makes our nation more humane. Thanks to the US Supreme Court he cannot touch same sex marriage even with his fake Justice on that court.

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