NEWS: “Jimmy” Mubarak ready to become next pharaoh

In Egypt, a son is readied for succession

In Egypt, “we didn’t choose Sadat, we didn’t choose Mubarak, and we’re not choosing the next one,” Zakaria Nahla, a 52-year-old salesman of cheap furniture, said in a Cairo market crowded with beeping scooters and veiled women picking through racks of clothes.

Asked if they expected to have any say about Mubarak’s succession, a group of men with their arms full of round loaves of bread answered in unison, “No, no, no.” One underscored the point by wagging a finger and shaking his head.

“We take it as a given” that it will be Gamal Mubarak, said Sayida Amin, 46, a nanny who works for a family in one of Cairo’s wealthier districts. “People don’t know who he is. We only know he’s the president’s son, and he’s imposed on us.” [complete article]

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