Israel escalates its repression, stoking the fires of division

Jesse Rosenfeld reports:

A week of Palestinian frustration with Israeli settler expansion in East Jerusalem and state provocations at Palestinian national and religious sites culminated last weekend with four young men from the Nablus region killed in suspicious circumstances. The grief and outrage at Sunday’s funeral in the village of Iraq Burin over the fatal shootings of 16-year-olds Muhammad and Useid Qadus was made more severe as news of two more deaths in the nearby village of Awarta spread through the procession.

The Qadus cousins were shot with live ammunition in the chest and head during a riot the previous day, instigated by soldiers sealing residents in their homes in an attempt to secure the main village road for use by settlers in the West Bank. Despite evidence of live rounds being fired, including X-rays showing an M16 round lodged in Useid’s brain, the army has claimed that they fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

“The two boys lived with the settlers attacking their land and family,” said Majida al Masri, a politician in Nablus and politburo member for the leftist, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, told me.

No sooner had the bodies been put in the ground than a line of funeral attendees headed back toward the Nablus hospital, this time to get information on the shooting of two farm boys by the army while they worked near the Itamar settlement.

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One thought on “Israel escalates its repression, stoking the fires of division

  1. DE Teodoru

    THREAT TO AMERICA (pt I) In this moment I would have preferred to keep silent as I put my hope in Netanyahu, the shyster who loves his country more than he loves a crooked deal, something of an Israeli Arafat. But I just heard Israeli MoD Barak interviewed by Charlie Rose on PBS, the hasbara BS of rich Zionists station that goes the way of funds to become Likud TV. I feel I must ring the liberty fire bell as the Zionazis have overwhelmed Netayahu by sheer chutzpah. Likud wants a far Greater Israel dominating the Mideast and is betting the store on it! The little general– whose career was utter failure– has decided to go on US TV and mumble nothing coherent but if pushed lie, lie, lie. In essence he insists this is not the time to impede the Zionazi lebensraum plan because any light between their extermination of Arabs and the US will only undermine them and cause them to draw more Arab blood than otherwise needed—it’s a modern version of the Iron Wall with gift of USA weapons. Inarticulate and absurd the man should be examined in transcript, not just watched on TV. Netanyahu’s schemes for peace are besides the point. His Likud Cabinet assesses America while ruled by the “Schwartza President” as at its most vulnerable to their propaganda operations in US politics; they’re confident that this will enable them to force America to bow to an aggressive rush, relying on racists, rightists and Christian Zionists forces. Obama, like American Jews, has only one choice: squeeze back hard or suffer undermining of American sovereignty. In the Zionazis’ minds it is TOTAL VICTORY or HOLOCAUST and they feel a political adrenaline rush much like soldiers rising out of the trenches shooting as they charge blind. Obama either beats them back, dropping them to their knees or face an end to American democracy doom in a blowback shockwave causing an American Krystalnacht when the Arabs and Iranians defensively respond in order to survive Israeli domination by squeezing us on oil as they did in the 1970s. Why this is the all or nothing moment has to do with Petraeus, McChrystal and Afghanistan (see my comment on that Woodward comment).

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