Israeli navy refuses to say the name “Rachel Corrie”

As Israeli naval operators engaged in radio communications with the MV Rachel Corrie this morning, they refused to address the ship by its current name — the name linked to its permanent International Maritime Organization identification number, IMO 6715281. Instead, in both communications released by the IDF, the ship is referred to as “Motor Vessel Linda” — the name used by the ship’s previous owner.

The Israeli military apparently not only refuses to accept responsibility for killing unarmed civilians — it refuses to even utter their names.

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8 thoughts on “Israeli navy refuses to say the name “Rachel Corrie”

  1. Christopher Hoare

    Simple case of the criminals not wishing to mention their crime. It’s of the same category as their other illusions where they believe that words are powerful enough to alter reality.

  2. John Mack

    Isn’t this a risky thing for Israel to do. couldn’t those on the Rachel Corrie properly say that Israel never communicated with them?

  3. DE Teodoru

    The Zionists, since the turn of the 20th Century, found one way of imposing Zionism upon World Jewry and upon the Jewish Ethic. It is return to psychotic wish-dreams and hallucinations about a mythical past glory. Admittedly, angry Arabs, mere mortals with no great capacity at psychotic fantasy, utterly enraged at the reality of suffering yet another invasion after British departure—The NAKKBA—have given the Israelis lots of violent material for their fantasies about exterminate or be exterminated. This is not to say that Leon Uris and Hollywood had grasped the essence of it with their propagandistic productions that even I had once taken for granted as honest. It was Jewish scientists devoted to the morality of scientific data that uncovered the fiction of Jewish genetic uniqueness as lost tribes and as a uniquely God GIFTED people who suffered over a millennium of yet to be explained subjugation, oppression and extermination, given their supposed status as God’s chosen people. Perplexed, the mythmakers have devised a materialist racist theory of God’s chosen that leaves out God, choosing instead a secular race in history “chosen” thesis whose protagonists are accountable to no one, the Holocaust having liberating them from liability for the criminality of their behavior. As I said before, fearing a repeat of the Holocaust they insist on preventing it by walking history backwards as Zionazis, imposing on the Palestinians and other Arabs the fate imposed on Jews of Europe (but not the Zionists safe in this British enclave) by the Nazis. Whenever they come up against condemnation for their race-based actions, they hint at their psychosis claiming: “THE HOLOCAUST MADE US DO IT, SO THE HOLOCAUST MAKES IT RIGHT AND NECESSARY SO THAT ‘NEVER AGAIN’ WILL SUCH FATE BEFALL US!”

    Copying the fascist nation-is-race thesis, they seized land as historic inevitability because of racial superiority and need for that territory where racial purity can be imposed in order to manifest their historically ordained destiny; they extended the European 1930s over the Middle East for over six decades to make their wish reality. Israelis who seek to be rational and sane after arousal from the national schizophrenia are punished or, if leaders, like Rabin, are exterminated. Rachel Corrie was an innocent youth who believed that right makes might, not might makes right. She assumed that the Jewish Ethic from which takes root her Christian Ethic, dominated Zionists who identified with Judaism, never once thinking that Zionazi ideology means walking backward the history of Nazism. For that faith she paid with her life. And when the Israeli state is confronted with the violation of the Jewish Ethic that is her murder– run over deliberately by a bulldozer—it made her a non-person in Stalinist style as if her life and death had never occurred. This was Israel’s response to many obvious acts of murder…It never ends as history is walked backwards again and again!

    But unlike the Nazis for whom the opinions of others don’t count because the Nazis really believed in the superiority of their German race, the Israelis KNOW WELL that all their racialism is insane. So they proceed to assume that, those without whom Israel could never exist, made its existence possible, not because they care for Israel, but because they are “dumb goyim” inferiors forced by historic inevitability to do so. The more criminal Israel’s state behavior, the more it will retreat into the mania that it must walk Nazi history backwards so that it will not perish….and the more it will insist that the whole issue is coming up with a stupid PR formula that again blinds all “dumb goyim” on whose pity it depends financially. Such maniacs cannot be expected to decrease their killing but rather will increase it because they assume that the only reason for failure of their walking history backwards is that they had not done so with enough intensity and fast enough. A nation run by mad men who insist that they can dictate to the 75% of World Jewry that voted with its location not to submit, instead choosing now to silently dissociate from the Zionazis, proves that, not only are the Zionazis losing the “dumb goyim” that finally wizened up but also lost the mass majority of Jews. From what I am told, none of the horrors imposed by the Nazis upon Judaism in the Holocaust has done as much to throw the sense of “chosen” by God into doubt as has the psychotic behavior of the self-assigned “leaders of God’s chosen Jewish people,” the Israeli Likudniks.

    Israel is a state of Israelis, most of whom assumedly follow the principles of the Jewish faith. But it cannot exist as the state that exploits the West to impose on the Muslims a psychotic Zionazi killer regime acting like Hitler’s. Either Israel’s leaders bring it around to world humanitarian norms or it will die of inanition as the world gradually decides to stop feeding this “strategic liability” and challenge to morality. I know that Netanyahu had chosen the moral path of economically integrating the Palestinians into a two-state, one-economy solution that would lead to total Israeli integration in the Middle East with Israel fraternally leading the Arabs into sci/tech modernization. But though this assault took him innocently by surprise as he prepared to meet Obama, he has now chosen to stand with the psychotic criminal elements in his cabinet rather than denounce them as he did in intimate circles. There is now no one left in Israel’s leadership to end Sodom and Gomorra geopolitics and it is left in the hands of God to sweep them away as He once did; this time the Noah we had so raised our hopes has abandoned us choosing to share the fate of the psychotic moral violators. I feel utter despair as the madness that, like a virus, strikes all who associate with the current stock of Israeli politicians. Walking backwards history is only end the history of Israel.

  4. Mark E. Smith

    I think it’s a Jewish thing. When I was a kid growing up Jewish in Brooklyn and on Long Island, New York, when a Jewish family did an honor killing because they believed that a daughter had disgraced the family honor by losing her virginity, or more commonly, threw her out of the house, wrote her off as dead, and sat shiva for the “dead” daughter, they never allowed her name to be mentioned in the household again.

  5. omop

    Its time to either forcibly contain the “mad dog in the Middle East” or kill it.

    A precedent that needs to be applied forcibly is first have the UN occupy the territory of Israel round up all the politicians and hold a Nuremberg Criminal Court process of all of them as an example forthe entire planet to witness.

    One would like to believe that a majority of world jewry would applaud and support such a judicial approach.

  6. Angry

    Israel is asking for war. Protests, campaigning…nothing is working. If they want war then I’m ready and so is the 1.8 billion Muslim population in the world(now rising). Oh, and not only that but along with all the concerned citizens of the world, so i guess out of the 6 billion population, I’m sure a large percentage is angry with what Israel has done. hmmm…now they cant chuck a nuclear bomb in every country, can they???

    Israel has gone too far, even Jewish Rabbis admit that Israel has gone too far, this is not taught in the Torah! Why are they doing what the Germans did to their ancestors??
    Surely no one wants a World War 3 to occur. Because from where i stand thats the only direction i can see this going into.

    I am fed up and i am ready to give up my education, to defend these innocent civilians living in Gaza. I wonder why America has done nothing about this when clearly Israel has broken many international laws and clearly shown that they have weapons of mass destruction?? oh, thats right Israel has no oil for America to take!!

    What the public of every country should do is protest against their government until they stop sending arms to Israel. Every person should Boycott their business’s no matter how tempting it maybe. Trust me one person can make a difference. From 1 pound 100 bullets can be bought. I have boycotted McDonald’s for over a year now. and trust me just because of 1 family they have lost (20*52)…1040 pounds!! FROM JUST ONE FAMILY, and my family saved 1040 pounds 😛

    Surely Israel must be aware that it is surrounded by angry countries. If those governments are overthrown by the general public Israel will soon come to an end!!
    Mostly all the Governments are little pets of Israel. How pathetic. Governments are powered by money and never by their people in reality.

    Every person can make a difference, never underestimate the power a person can have.
    Write a book, campaign , do a petition, but do something.

    Israel’s arrogance will soon be destroyed and justice will be served and Israel will serve the consequences of the horrible and inhumane crimes they committed and are still committing.

  7. Eugnid

    “omop,” Israel is a reality, a reality that could be of great benefit to its Arab neighbors and to Israel itself if it turns around before finding itself with its history “walked backwards” to the Nuremberg Tribunal. Israel’s top of the line universities are producing high quality graduates, not like many of the kinds of “grade inflation” grads produced here in America. What is needed is for the TOTALLY native Israeli Israelis to seize politics out of the hands of the one time “Communist Commissars” that, like rats abandoning the sinking ship, chose Israel as a way of getting from their sinking USSR to the USA where they would set up criminal enterprise gangs. But when they failed to obtain entry into America, they resorted to exploiting Israel for all it is worth. HAMAS and Hezbollah are nationalistic and spiritual entities that these internationalist materialist criminals cannot understand– just as they can’t understand the Haredi Jews. So they made deals, corrupting some religious elements and took power in coalition with the persecution complex crazies. Since then, they’ve been doing what they learned to do under Stalin, as so well expressed earlier: “WALKING HISTORY BACKWARDS” to do to helpless others as was done to Jews when they were helpless. But there is some hope that those who love Israel as their homeland will save it from those for whom it is an agar plate on which to schizophrenically grow like insane bacteria. The HEAD OF MOSSAD recently, according to Haaretz, warned the Cabinet realistically that Israel is becoming a strategic liability for the US even though it had never been a strategic asset. Perhaps if the world keeps up the censure, under all the bloody tumult a new sane leadership will arouse that realizes that Israel can’t survive operating like “Crazy Eddie”….plying violations of human rights policies that, like Iran’s, “are IIINNNNSSSAAANNNEEE!” Today’s “leaders” could well end up in prison like Crazy Eddie as the Israeli prosecutors have been on their tails since way before they were in the Cabinet.

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