3 thoughts on “Israelis’ rabid support for the IDF

  1. Christopher Hoare

    The sign of a society losing its balance is that of believing its own lies. The Arabs were this way in 1967 and 1973, and they paid the price.

    The only power with the clout and resources to drum this lesson through the Israelis’ own blindness is the United States. If innocent Israelis suffer in future because of the actions of their militarist government it will also be the fault of a US administration too feeble to recognize and stand up for justice.

  2. Alex Bell

    I’m sorry, Christopher, I think you’re quite wrong. The US administration is not ‘too feeble to recognise and stand up for justice.’ This administration, like the last, is deliberately directing and governing the Israeli actions and policies. The US is more culpable than the Israelis.

    Regards, Alex

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