2 thoughts on “Aboard the Mavi Marmara — an American eyewitness account of Israeli state terrorism

  1. Christopher Hoare

    Interesting — and would have been more interesting if people could hear her voice better. When will production people realize that any kind of hearing impairment is magnified by the presence of a music soundtrack?
    You people making the movies will be afflicted earlier in life than we have been — as you have piped loud noise into your eardrums since childhood. I’m glad I’ll not be part of a world where everyone is deaf as well as dumb and stupid.

  2. Norman


    Perhaps you have a hearing problem yourself? I’m over 70 years old, attended Rock Concerts, have trouble hearing myself. Oh yes, I also am an ex-Marine who used to shoot Rifles. But that’s beside the point here, for what the Lady was saying, I had no problem hearing, even with sounds in the back ground. You sound like an old curmudgeon of sorts. As time moves on, we find more about what took place that faithful night aboard the Mavi Marara, which doesn’t bode well for Israeli leaders. I just wonder if the “Mad Men” are crazy enough to “Nuke” their own? Should the world believe that there is internal dissension ongoing in Israel, or is that more P.R. cover up to get the worlds attention of the Military?

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