CIA views Israeli intelligence service as worst US ally

In the Washington Post, Jeff Stein reports:

The CIA took an internal poll not long ago about friendly foreign intelligence agencies.

The question, mostly directed to employees of the clandestine service branch, was: Which are the best allies among friendly spy services, in terms of liaison with the CIA, and which are the worst? In other words, who acts like, well, friends?

“Israel came in dead last,” a recently retired CIA official told me the other day.

Not only that, he added, throwing up his hands and rising from his chair, “the Israelis are number three, with China number one and Russia number two,” in terms of how aggressive they are in their operations on U.S. soil.

Israel’s undercover operations here, including missions to steal U.S. secrets, are hardly a secret at the FBI, CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies. From time to time, in fact, the FBI has called Israeli officials on the carpet to complain about a particularly brazen effort to collect classified or other sensitive information, in particular U.S. technical and industrial secrets.

Former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi, adds:

FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity.

Giraldi also recounts a recent incident in which a man who identified himself as an Israeli government official, threatened a survivor of the USS Liberty attack, “saying that the people who had been killed on board had gotten what they deserved.”

Israel’s official line has always been that the incident in which 34 US servicemen were killed and 170 wounded during the Israeli attack on the clearly-flagged American naval vessel in 1967, was an accident.

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  1. The comment about the USS Liberty raises a question for me then. I had always assumed the Liberty was there to listen to communication between Egypt and the USSR- kind of as a counterweight should one be needed to balance potential Soviet involvement. So, in what way would her personnel be getting what they deserved?

  2. You take an asp to your bosom, you get stung.

  3. So now, the DoJ refuses to go after law breakers. Great, just what the American public needs to know. Wall Street, the Government, both here & of course, Israel, get to avoid being exposed. Yeh for the “O” team., way to go. I wonder how much they are getting for selling out? That old saying about every man has his price, sure looks true today. This new century is really starting out to be the one where the Government, just like every other one before them, sold out the citizens for their share of silver, just like Barabbas, how sad that these so called war leaders send off the treasure because they themselves are weak.

  4. I don’t think we should be so quick to jump on the “anti-“O” team” bandwagon. For all intents and purposes, the current administration has been the least friendly with Israel. Unfortunately, this is only a couple strongly worded official statements. But hey, it is a start. Every administration has been far too kind. This is one of the very few areas in which we can actually observe bipartisanship at its best, it the blind, outright support for Israel.

  5. Mossad are not normal people for they are chosen for their deranged utility and indoctrinated that it’s OK to kill any goyim because of the Holocaust, a debt everyone owes them, noe that makes them the righteous amorals. They are immoral and proud of their ability to deceive; indeed more prone to think of themselves as God’s avenging angels out to slit throats and collect foreskins. And, worst still, they think they’re entitled to make a little $$$ or post retirement off their state assignments. Read books on Maxwell and on Israel apartheid South Afrika and se why they’re “ZIOPNAZIS.” The worst of it is that they pray on Diaspora Jews with no place else to go. Tactics wise, the case is clear Mossad=KGB…many of the latter became the former. And in the final analysis they’re not that bright as made out to be in the Zionist adulation hagiography. We’re back again at the old “mesh-hood” complex where ability to kill ANYONE without hesitation is their set of balls. So maybe Mossad=Mafia too!

    They are the other terrorists!

  6. The question is then — why do the US and all the European leaders ( besides smaller eastern european states ) do anything and everything Israel tells it to, if so many people now know it’s a liability?

    Why? I have yet to hear a sufficient answer.

    I have heard all the common answers — people feel guilty about the holocuast. Or, Israel is US/Europe’s watchdog in the ME. Or, the Zionist lobbies are pushy….

    But — are those really convincing answers to explain why US/Europe would ( apparently ) risk their own citizens lives, risk ‘world peace’ and stability, risk all — just to keep Israel stable?

    It doesn’t add up.

  7. hah well considering the cia’s ability at getting things right their in a tie for dead last

  8. This predates the holocaust, the religious ignorance of Americans is stunning, this is Voltaire on David.

    “I am a little upset that David, the annointed of the Lord, the man after the heart of God, a rebel against Saul, another annointed of the Lord, goes off with 400 bandits to impose a levy on the land, goes off to rob honest Nabal; and immediately afterwards Nabal is found dead, David marries his widow without delay.” (1Kings 21:1o-11)

    “I have some scruples over his conduct with the great king Achis, lord, if I’m not mistaken, of five or six villages in the canton of Geth. David, then at the head of 600 bandits, made the rounds of his benefactor, Achis: he plundered everything, he killed everyone: Old men, women, children at their mother’s breast. And why did he massacre children at their mother’s breast? It was, said the divine Jewish author, “for fear lest the children bear witness to king Achis.” (1Kings 27:8-11)

    “The bandits rose up against him and wanted to stone him. What did this Mandarin Jew do? He consulted the Lord, and the Lord told him that he must go and attack the Amakalites, (compared by Bibi to Iran) that there the bandits will gain great booty and enrich themselves.” (1Kings 30)

    “Meanwhile, the annointed of the Lord, Saul lost a battle against the Philistines and killed himself. A Jew brought the news to David. David, who apparently had nothing to give the messenger for his good news, had him killed as a reward.” (2Kings 1:10)

    David took over the whole kingdom. He surprised the little town or village of Rabbath and had every inhabitant killed by rather extraordinary devices: they were sawed in two; they were torn to pieces by iron plows; they were burned in brick furnaces; an altogether noble and generous way to make war.” (2Kings 12)

    “After these fine expeditions there was a famine of three years in the land. I readily believe it, for with the manner in which good David made war, the ground must have been cultivated badly.”

    “The people consulted the Lord and asked him why there was a famine. The answer was really simple: it was clearly because, in a country which barely can produce wheat, when the workers have been baked in furnaces and sawed in two there are very few people left to till the soil; but the Lord answered that it was because Saul had killed some Gabaonites.”

    “What did good David do? He assembled the Gabaonites; he told them Saul was very wrong to make war on them; that Saul was in no way like himself, after God’s own heart; that it was just to punish Saul’s race; and he gave them seven of Saul’s grandchildren to hang, who were hanged because there had been a famine. (2Kings 21)”

  9. Barney is right — just what is the explanation for the US and Europe funding, and excusing Israel their constant breaking of international rules, at the risk of all of us ?

    What is the logic?

    Answers anyone?

  10. Yes , it’s very likely that a lot of Israeli’s attitudes to non Jews are derived from Jewish Biblical texts — anyone who has read Israel Shahak’s investigations of Halakha will know that , and anyone who has heard the latest sttler /Rabbinical justifications for killing goyim will also know that —

    But it stil doesn’t explain why USA and UK, France, Germany et al, are utterly held in thrall to Israel, are willing to put their own nations’ well being at such risk, and just knowingly turn the other way when they commit the worst crimes.

    Anyone any ideas as to why that should be ?

    Can it really be that Israel and world Jewry are THAT powerful, and if so, how did that come to be the case ?

  11. Scott’s rant against King David has no Biblical foundation. The references are totally wrong. For a start there are only 22 chapters in 1 Kings. The other passages are completely false. Look them up!

  12. It’s not just us that notices this problem.

    (BRUSSELS) – The European Union’s trade chief battled on Friday to fend off accusations of anti-Semitism after referring to the power of a “Jewish lobby” in US policy.

    European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht also suggested that it was difficult to have a “rational” conversation with most Jews about the Middle East conflict.

    The European Jewish Congress demanded an apology and full retraction from De Gucht, whose comments came on the heels of a German central banker’s controversial statement that “all Jews share a certain gene.”

    “Once again we hear outrageous anti-Semitism from a senior European official,” EJC President Moshe Kantor said in a statement.

    “The libel of Jewish power is apparently acceptable at the highest levels of the European Union. This should worry everyone who seeks a more tolerant Europe.”

    The European Commission distanced itself from the remarks, saying they were “personal views” that in no way reflected the position of the EU regarding the Middle East peace process.

    De Gucht expressed regret about the way his remarks were interpreted, saying he did not mean to offend Jews….

    Our leaders are pusillanimous, or neocons which makes them part of the problem. Ignoring it will lead to something very ugly in the future. Like Bolshevik purges, historically that is really bad for the jewish diaspora that don’t hold power too.

  13. The citations are from Voltaire, the narrative or stories are true, I can’t vouch for the citations. Read the Book of Joshua, there you will find a dozen cities where again, every man, woman and child are slain. They are not completely false. Again, I transcribed the texts and citations from Voltaire.

    An explanation of the tolerance comes from Christian fundies. They believe that one should NEVER oppose Israel. I used a day laborer with that name, I should have had him take all the money from the collection plates and give it to me.

    Also, the Bible has changed over the years, further, the order of the books varies whether a “Jewish” or “Christian” Bible are used.

  14. Israel gets our support for many reasons, though we both pay dearly. There is the Jewish lobby, IAPAC,and there is the already mentioned Christian Lobby. Being the only democracy in the ME gives Israel a special place among free nations, especially since the Arabs have embraced the concept on pan-arabism. Sometimes the Arab Nationalists found common cause with the Soviets. The balance of power is maybe one of the strongest arguments for US presence in the area. And in that context, it does seem like the Jihadism we’re seeing lately is Pan-Arabism at it’s most fundamental level.

  15. Scott, although there have been various mistranslations of some words and phrases from the Bible over the years, all modern versions go back to the original Hebrew or Aramaic (in the case of the Old Testament). And yes, the order of the books differs between Jewish Bibles and Christian Old Testaments, but the chapter and verse numbers are the same.

    And Barney, you’ve answered your own question here:

    I have heard all the common answers — people feel guilty about the holocuast. Or, Israel is US/Europe’s watchdog in the ME. Or, the Zionist lobbies are pushy….

    Add to that the influence of the Christian Zionists, mainly in the US but also in the UK, and that’s why governments are afraid to oppose Israel, even when it’s harming everyone’s interests, including its own.

    Of course, both Jewish and Christian Zionists would say that Israel getting all its own way is proof that God is on their side. But this is not Biblical doctrine; the Old Testament is full of God’s wrathful correction of Israel when it did wrong, and the New Testament goes further and shows that the “mantle” of Israel has been handed over to all believers in Jesus (and in the Old Testament prophets such as Abraham) whether they’re Jew or Gentile.

    This is an extremely contentious point in modern Christianity, and will ultimately become the very most contentious and politically crucial: whether the special place of the Jews in the Old Testament as God’s people has been handed over completely to Christians, leaving the Jews as no more special to God than anyone else, or whether they’re still God’s chosen people, since the promises made to Abraham were “forever”. Hence Christian Zionists and Christian anti-Zionists.

    I believe the truth is somewhere between the two positions; the Jews, and Israel, are still special to God in some sense, and God has a special plan for them which will come to pass relatively soon now that they have returned to the land and Israel is restored as a nation. But that DOES NOT mean that they can do no wrong, or that God is always with them, or that Christians should support Israel unconditionally. In fact the sins Israel is committing today are worse than they normally were during Old Testament times, when God repeatedly warned and then severely punished them.

    One problem is that Christian Zionists exaggerate both the position of modern Israel and Jews in God’s sight, and the extent to which other Christians deny the importance of Israel and Jews. Thus the worldwide Church is being split in two over this issue (whether to support Israel unconditionally or not) and so is world politics. In this sense it really does come down to the influence of God, and is building to a head where everyone will have to take the side of his/her own conscience (or go along with the majority and the powerful who surround them, burying their own conscience).

    To understand the whole issue (not so much the religious as the political side) I recommend John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt · The Israel Lobby.

  16. Rick O'shay says

    I once asked someone who worked high in the State Department if America was being held under nuclear duress by Israel. They said they could not respond to that question.

    The USS Liberty was a false flag op gone wrong that was intended to give reason for nuking Cairo.

  17. John Somebody says

    Please, Dan Newton, and everyone else,
    Lets stop spreading the zio lie, that Israel is any sort of democracy. If someone creates an artificial majority, in a place, with or without the massacres, to encourage an exodus of refugees, what results is not democratcally arrived at. Therefore, for anyone to claim victory in any such elections won by any faction, in that artificial majority, is ELECTORAL FRAUD. And those who claim to have won such elections democratically, are liars, possibly even to themselves. This is to be expected from the state practitioners of genocide

  18. John Somebody,

    Israel may not be a democracy like US is now—and won’t be if neocons get to screw up US democracy with their hate campaigns– but Israelis insist on freedom of speech and will, indeed often do, speak out whatever the cost or risk. Most of what I know about how rotten the Israeli fish is at the top I know from Israelis who scream it out at the town square whatever the consequences to themselves. There’s a saying: lock 6 Jews in a room and you get a never ending debate over 7 opinions (just like with Arabs). A perfect example is URI AVNERY, an Israeli who took a near fatal bullet in the gut fighting for the Jewish state and now in his 80s—like many founding Israelis in their 80s– won’t shut up about the East Euro Zionazis trying to control Israel:

    If you don’t keep in mind the 6 Jews and 7 opinions characteristic you’ll miss all the evidence you need when you want to see what’s wrong with Israel.

  19. Israel is at the bottom, who was at the top? Can we see a list?

  20. John Somebody says

    DE Teodoru,

    Well the Palestinian children who get stoned by zionazi colonialists, on the way to school, might disagree with you about such freedom, in Greater Israel. And then, in the bit of Palestine, called Israel, there are the likes of Yule Cohen Gerstel. I saw a TV documentary, some time ago, about her. She had been a Major, I think, in the Israeli airforce, Her story is truly inspiring, despite the getting spat on, in the streets, and the death threats. There are Neturei Karta, who get beaten up, for speaking out, the refuseniks, who go to jail, and my favourites, Anarchists Against the Wall. If I wanted to do some research on the issues, of freedom of speech, in Israel, I’m sure I could come up with quite a list. I’m sure you could too.

    I read recently, in the UK newspaper, “The Independant”, of a survey performed amongst Israeli’s. It found a large majority believing that therer’s too much freedom of speech in Israel. And a smaller majority beleived that journalists, who criticise Israeli policy should be punished.

    I suppose Mordcechai Vannunu, would also have an opinion.

    The fact remains, that when much of the, world, that’s twisted by media lies, believe Israel to be a democracy, that must be on of the most blatant examples of mass brainwashing that we have. That’s the main reason why I focus so much on the region as an issue