What if peace talks “succeed?”

At Al Shabaka, Nadia Hijab writes:

Many commentators expect the direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians to fail. But there is a much worse scenario: What if they “succeed?” The United States appears determined to push for a framework agreement within a year and both Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority (PA), are aiming for that goal. Such an agreement, U.S. peace envoy George Mitchell explained in a September 2 press conference, would be more than a declaration of principles but less than a peace treaty. In it, the two sides would reach the “fundamental compromises” necessary for a peace accord. Like its predecessor, the Obama administration has already indicated that the accord would still have to be fleshed out and then implemented over the course of several years – which virtually ensures that it will be delayed if not derailed as happened to past peace accords.

If the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and PA were unable to secure a sovereign state and rights through U.S.-brokered negotiations with Israel between 1993 and 2000, when they were in a much stronger position, they are highly unlikely to do so today with such a badly skewed Israeli-Palestinian power dynamic. Instead, next year is likely to see a grand ceremony where Palestinian leaders will sign away the right of return and other Palestinian rights in an agreement that would change little on the ground. The plan of the PA’s appointed prime minister, Salam Fayyad, to declare a Palestinian state in 2011 could unwittingly contribute to this outcome by providing the appearance of an “end of conflict” while the reality remains unchanged. If the rest of the world sees that the government of “Palestine” is satisfied with international recognition and a U.N. seat, they will be happy to move on to other problems leaving the Palestinians at Israel’s mercy.

Such a scenario could sound a death-knell for Palestinian human rights. The Palestinian people have shown a remarkable capacity to regenerate resistance and evolve new strategies after suffering harsh setbacks over the past century. But there may be no recovery this time around. A “peace agreement” would end the applicability of international law to the resolution of the conflict; permanently fragment the Palestinian people; and demobilize Arab and international solidarity.

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2 thoughts on “What if peace talks “succeed?”

  1. Christopher Hoare

    There seem to be several tripwires that ‘could’ prevent a fraudulent success like this, but the biggest obstacle seems to be the Western recognition of Mahmoud Abbas as PNA president even though his term of office expired in 2006. More UN member states need to refuse to recognize the legality of the situation.

    If Abbas were a legitimate president instead of a puppet of Israel and the US, he would refuse to talk after the Israelis refuse to continue the settlement freeze. (Let alone the issue of making the freeze anything more than a sham.) Should the talks back him into a corner where he would have to sign an agreement that dispossesses the Palestinians permanently, or places them in a situation where their human rights are further diminished in any way, he must insist he needs to increase his democratic mandate first. This could be either an election or an inclusion of representatives of ALL Palestinians, not just those arbitrarily designated as Palestinians under the Oslo accords.

    There is little hope for any fair treatment under Obama’s so called peace initiative. This was demonstrated when the Palestinians were denied their request to have advisers from Turkey and others included in the talks. The PNA has been set up to be railroaded into a fraudulent peace.

  2. DE Teodoru

    There are those who welcome every step to peace and there are those who seek to build hate and racism to the point where America will be politically paralyzed as HONEST BROKER, unable to follow through on its statesmanship mission of keeping participants on peace track to the end.

    While Zionists are deeply depended on CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS– same “Christians” who not long ago used to spew anti-Semitism against American Jews– they deem such Americans “dumb goyim” they can easily manipulate with their superiority. So when the Rabbi that Israel put in charge of corralling these “JesusSaves-Zionists” was asked by CNN how can he be allied with people who only support Israel because its existence supposedly brings on the End of Days when, the prophesy goes, ALL Jews will perish as heathens, he laughed and said: “well, we’ll worry about that then when the time comes. Right now Israel needs all the supporters it can get.”

    The trick of the few trying to rule America through domination of the “dumb many” is made no less clear than in the anti-Muslim campaign add for Renee Ellmers for Congress in North Carolina ad:

    NOTE THAT SUCH ARE *DUAL PURPOSE* ADS THAT GO BEYOND MERE CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS. Clean government think-tanks would do well to investigate the funding base for this as they may discover that the rich Zionazi-types invest in these mixed-metaphors efforts that are meant to carry far, far beyond election. So fact that peace talks are on and may show progress is, to these Zionazi conspirators, besides the point as their anti-Muslim campaign is the same bloodthirsty one as in 1990s. THIS MIGHT WELL CONSTITUTE A REAL ZIONAZI CONSPIRACY PERPETRATED BY THE SPONSORS OF “WORLD WAR IV” ON ISLAM and should be carefully investigated as the same folks that brought you death and devastation in Iraq and want it to go on to Iran are trying to open another front on the home front. If this is so then American Jews and real Zionists must be warned that Zionazis are perpetrating racism and religious hate in THEIR NAME so the people who did so much for civil rights can rise up once again and say: THE ZIONAZI DO NOT SPEAK FOR US!!!!

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