6 thoughts on “Military overstretch means lives lost

  1. Vince J.

    If it means lost american lives becuase of the direct consequences of their wars of agression, lies and corruption… who cares?!
    I would love to see a photograph of a similar wall with the lives lost because of american imperialist interventions… it would make a much bigger wall of evidence of american war crimes. Not only in Iraq, Afeghanistan, Pakistan, but also in the Philipines, in Colombia and Honduras in the recent years and around the globe if you count the last decades. So: Lost american lives… I don’t give a SH#T!

  2. Norman

    Vince J., What kind of ass hole are you? It’s the Chicken hawks in the U.S. Government & think tanks that cause the Wars, not the Grunts who fight them. You read like one of the Trolls who get their jollies from acting stupid.

  3. isadore ducasse

    vince, i don’t give a shit either but going by the number of suicides i do believe that it’s the
    ‘merican shitstem that’s fehked the younguns up… see any of the politico’s suns and dotter
    there? methimks naught!

  4. Vince J.

    Norman dear… I went through 25 years of murderous military dictatorship in my country because of the US. You are asking me to feel to those goons in uniform… don’t hold your breath!

  5. Renfro

    Vince J. September 30, 2010 at 12:08 am

    So you are gonna blame mostly 19 year olds who don’t know anything about war until they get in it……for killing themselves when they discover what it’s all about?

    Put the blame where it belongs…on the politicans….not the ignorant young.

  6. Vince J.

    I don’t blame them… I just care more for those who are killed by them, who are suffering because American imperialist foringner policies. As I said before, the US has destroyed our democracies and in the process many have been killed.
    Assume your responsability. Don’t ask for sympathy!

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