Obama desperate to please Netanyahu

How much is a two-month extension in the West Bank settlement slowdown really worth?

The Obama administration is pursuing this paltry prize as if it was staving off another economic meltdown — even as hundreds of building projects have already been started.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

The U.S. has been wooing Netanyahu for weeks with offers including a squadron of F-35 fighters, support for a long-term Israeli troop presence in a new Palestinian state, and a pledge to veto any anti-Israel resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. The U.S. also is offering access to its satellites that could provide early warning of attacks.

To the Palestinians, the White House is pledging support for their position on the exact location of borders for a future state in exchange for a promise to continue negotiating even if Israel refuses to extend the construction moratorium.

Although the Obama administration was expected to eventually give out incentives to keep the negotiations alive, diplomats and other observers say they are surprised that it has offered so much, so early for such a small victory: a commitment by both sides to keep talking.

“From the left to the right, people are saying that the administration is looking desperate,” said Robert Danin, a former U.S. official and an advisor to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, an envoy to the region for the United Nations, U.S., European Union and Russia.

On Thursday by Ehud Shani, director general of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, signed a contract for 20 F-35 fighter jets.

Making a hint that they will be used to bomb Iran, he described them as being “one of the answers” for dealing with the “problem” of Tehran.

Israel will get the jets at a discount, pay for them with US tax dollars (through recession-proof military aid), while also likely profiting from F-35 production — it has expressed an interest in manufacturing 25% of the wings of the more than 3,000 aircraft Lockheed expects to build.

The jets won’t be delivered until about 2016, but by that point Israel’s war-mongers no doubt feel optimistic that there will be a war-friendly Republican administration in place — though whether GOP control of the White House is necessary to serve Israel’s needs, is highly debatable.

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  1. Gordon Sutton says

    When will Obama realize that trying to bring the GOP into his tent will never happen.
    Of course there will be those that will join for a personal benefit but will quickly jump
    ship when their purposes have been served. Wonderful way to obtain insight into the
    President’s organization. Clever.
    Rick Sanchez only said what most Americans think but have timidity to keep quiet so
    as not to receive the title ‘anti-Semite’. Cowards! Always speak the truth and stand by
    your principles regardless of the slurs hurled at you only to deter you from continuing
    to say the truth. This has been a very effective means by the ADL and its associate
    organizations to silence opponents of their inhumanities against the Palestinians. Bush
    seemed to accept without reservation the NEOCON’s trampling of our nation’s laws and
    Israelis use of ‘extra-judicial’ assassinations. Meaning, of course, that the victime never
    has his opportunity to defend himself in a court of law but only in the star chambers of
    the Irgun.

  2. Jo Houston says

    So, the 20 F35 Fighter jets being supplied to Israel are “one of the answers” for dealing with the “problem” of Tehran. Will somebody please suggest an antidote to the “problem” of U.S. Foreign Policy?