Dubai murder suspect arrested in Canada

(Update below)
Gulf News reports:

Dubai Police Chief Tuesday confirmed the arrest in Canada of a suspect, believed to be involved in the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh last January.

Speaking to reporters, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim said Canadian authorities have arrested another suspect who is connected to the murder of Al Mabhouh that took place in a Dubai Hotel on January 19.

Lt Gen Dahi refused to give further details, but according to Al Ittihad Arabic daily, the suspect was one two people caught by the hotel’s CCTV cameras wearing tennis gears as they staked out Al Mabhouh’s room in the Bustan Rotana Hotel.

Update: Richard Silverstein reports: “Israel’s Channel 10 has revealed that the alias of the arrested Mossad agent is Eric Rassineux. His passport is displayed here. It is the first Israeli source also to confirm that Canada is holding him.”

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4 thoughts on “Dubai murder suspect arrested in Canada

  1. charlie

    We kill terrorist with Reapers and this gunrunner /terrorists is killed in a hotel room by israel and we arrest those that kill the terrorists. Bin Laden would be proud of ou.

  2. Norman

    Put the shoe on the other foot, would it be the same reaction? What if people in the Western World fell to the same fate? Does it make the act right? If we are suppose to believe in the law, then we have to practice it. When we start down the road as we have done this decade doing the War Thing, then are we any better than those we war against? What of the innocent civilians? If we put into perspective the so called collateral damage suffered by our so called enemies, directly to the American civilian population, then by the reasoning used by the Israeli’s, it would be O.K.?

  3. Christopher Hoare

    Well, Charlie, both are crimes in honest people’s estimation, and there are many who will not tire until all the guilty are arraigned in court.
    Revealing comment — Adolf Hitler would be proud of you.

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