3 thoughts on “World tired of paying bill for US military

  1. pabelmont

    Fabulous; important analysis and warning.

    I was wondering how the USA’s empire might be brought to an end and hoping it might happen without too much suffering for those who live in USA. Any chance we can regain a strong economy by jettisoning the military-industrial-congressional-university complex and returning to production of valuable products and exports? Hope so.

  2. Norman

    So, there is hope yet. Golly, What will the Military/Congress?Administration/Industry do? Well, Industry will continue to sell weapons to other countries, along with perhaps rebuilding the infrastructure in the U.S., the Military will just have to police the borders, take care of the Veterans, fire all the Generals/Admirals who will have to go to work at McDonald’s, as the country won’t be able to afford their retirement, as will the Congress people too. This is the price to pay for all the nonsense that these dilettantes have caused in the last 30 odd years.

  3. Christopher Hoare

    I think I might collect a group of investors to buy a US aircraft carrier when they become surplus to requirements (read; too expensive to maintain). You may remember the futuristic project of selling condos on huge cruise liners for the super-rich? Well we wouldn’t have to build our own, we could get one for pennies on the dollar. Think of the huge landing pad for all the tenants’ helicopters.

    As for demand — everyone with money will be looking to escape the US to avoid paying off all the trillions of dollars of debt. We’ll register the Condo-carrier in a country that has no taxes. The rich are already being advised to move out of the US in 2010 — and take their money with them — this is just turning the idea into mass-production.

    As for the surviving American middle class — both of them — we should pick up a couple of less grand condo-ships, say some frigates, because they won’t have any incentive to stay when they lose their Social Security to privatization and their savings are only denominated in US dollars.

    Look on the bright side — there are no catastrophes — just new opportunities to make a buck.

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