3 thoughts on “The Jewish ultra-nationalists at the heart of the Middle East conflict

  1. DE Teodoru

    Sooooo, we stop giving the $5 billions to the Egyptians if they elect the non-liberal Muslim Brotherhood, who might seek to impose Sharia Law on Egypt’s 85 million people but we keep giving $10 billions a year to the “JEWISH STATE” next door of 5 million people. Global Islam and Global Zionism should make it on their own and maybe they’ll see why we, the USA and EU, chose secular politics and multiculturalism within the context of civil law. Be that as it may, the US is constantly bottom-lined as a hypocrite for its support of everything from Zionism for votes and cash to our political parties to Sharia for cheap ever flowing oil. Perhaps the time has come to stop imposing ourselves on Egypt, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. and start focusing on how we’ll pay our debts to China and the Sovereign Funds instead of insuring we have cheap gas with out guns while attributing our military might to the Glory of Jesus!

    The reason we don’t spread democracy is because our leaders are whores to autocracies!

  2. KC

    This is colonialism plain and simple. These “chosen people” live inside a bubble comprised of delusions and lies.

  3. Norman

    Very good comment there DE. Yes, let us refrain from giving out Billions of dollars to the despots, rebuild this U.S.A., let those who want to do their own thing, do so. It’s simply amazing how blind the U.S. has become. But, as with all kleptocracy’s it’s just a matter of time before they turn in on themselves. The question being, do we have time before the bombs [nuclear] start falling?

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