“Keep giving us our oil”

Venice Beach, California, might not be the best place to take the pulse of American opinion. Or is it?

Would Geena and Jenna be relieved or disappointed to learn that Egypt now consumes about as much oil as it produces and that most of the relatively small volume it exports goes to Italy?

Maybe Egypt just belongs to that long list of countries that most Americans know little about and care even less — at least so long as those countries that have it “keep giving us our oil.”

Meanwhile, our Goldilocks president (who thinks Egyptians need more democracy — as though they already have some — and who clearly doesn’t want the freedom spigot turned on too fast) will probably take comfort in the following numbers — a perfect marker of success in centrist politics: that public indifference and ignorance provide a reassuring level of support for a steady-as-she-goes approach on a course going who-knows-where.

Americans do not have a clear point of view about how the massive anti-government protests in Egypt will affect the United States. More than half (58%) say the protests will not have much of an effect (36%), or offer no response or are noncommittal (22%). Of the minority that thinks the protests will have an effect on the U.S., nearly twice as many say their impact will be negative rather than positive (28% vs. 15%).

This lack of agreement notwithstanding, a majority (57%) says the Obama administration is handling the situation in Egypt about right, while much smaller numbers say the administration has shown too much support (12%) or too little support (12%) for the protestors.

As for whether California comedian Kassem G was able to gather a representative sample of American opinion in Venice Beach, Pew’s findings would indicate he was only gathering the views of about half the country: 52% of Americans, during two weeks of media saturation coverage, said that they had heard little or nothing about what’s been happening in Egypt.

Perhaps the phrase, living under a rock, should be changed to, living in America.

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  1. The north american public (there are others who can call themselves americans too!) are like mushrooms: Kept in the dark and feed with sh…t.

  2. Great Caesars Ghost, no wonder the country is going down the drain. Way to go, all you politicians, you’ve approached your objective here. This mush make all those kleptocracy sycophants in Government proud to be Americans after viewing this.

  3. well
    the good part about shoving your head
    this far up your a$$

    is eventually it winds up back
    where it belongs

    ‘my country ’tis of thee’

  4. Geena and Jenna – Keep giving us our oil-

    You are going to have the same typically uninformed responses no matter whatever the era or issue might be if it is outside of their limited interest and vision. This is neither earth shaking or new. Youth does, in the long run –as most of ‘us can attest from our own life, often change their interest and expand their views on people and locations outside of the US and the confines of their ‘world’; hey give ‘em some slack- let it happen.
    Why, just call to mind the insightful and informed response from the adult interviews with Participants world at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor”.
    Only in America!

  5. This is the kind of story that makes me puke a little bit in my mouth. Slapping my forehead does not do justice to my frustration.