Protesters in Bahrain retake Pearl Roundabout

CNN reports:

Thousands of joyous Bahrainis retook a major square in the heart of the island nation’s capital Saturday — a dramatic turn of events two days after security forces ousted demonstrators from the spot in a deadly attack.

The sight of citizens streaming into Pearl Roundabout came as the Bahrain royal family appealed for dialogue to end a turbulent week of unrest and the crown prince ordered the removal of the military from the Pearl Roundabout, a top demand by opposition forces.

Nicholas Kristof‘s bundled tweets:

Pearl Roundabout, scene of such tragedy, now is again center of jubilation, cheering and honking. I don’t see any police/ Wow! I’m awed to watch the courage of Bahrainis. Such guts. And it worked: they have reclaimed a place stained with blood/ Delirious joy in #Bahrain “Martyrs’ Roundabout,” as it’s now called. People kissing ground. But the firecrackers make me jump/ Congrats to #Bahrain crown prince, presumably responsible for decision not to shoot protesters today. Hope he prevails/ People Power, 1; King, 0, in #Bahrain. But it’s not over yet. Lots of small children in roundabout. Let’s pray army doesn’t attack/ People still pouring into “Martyrs’ Roundabout” from every direction, say they won’t leave. Mixed views on whether attack will come.

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3 thoughts on “Protesters in Bahrain retake Pearl Roundabout

  1. Colm O' Toole

    It’s incredible news isn’t it?

    After the footage from yesterday showing military firing at civilians to this news that the people have forced the military back and retaken the square that was attacked in the middle of the night on Tuesday.

    Truly in awe of people power and the courage of the masses.

  2. Norman

    Hopefully there won’t be anymore surprise violence. We are witnessing such in every one of these demonstrations so far. The violence seems to be a knee jerk reaction, which have worked in the past, to keep the power within the hands of the ruling parties. Oppression has finely become a tool of desperation, it seems, as it doesn’t wield the results that it did in the past. The lessons to be learned by the West are self evident, when the plutocracy is outnumbered to the degree it is today, then change will come, though in many instances, it won’t be to the benefit of the present ruling class.

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