Israel’s latest scheme to spring Pollard from prison

Haaretz reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would submit an official request to the Obama administration requesting that convicted spy Jonathan Pollard be granted temporary leave to attend his father’s funeral.

Netanyahu informed ministers from his Likud party Sunday of his decision to back the Pollard family’s own request to that effect. A group of Pollard’s supporters were planning to rally outside of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv later Thursday to demand that the Obama administration respond positively to the request.

The family asked President Barack Obama to let Pollard visit his father last week, as he was dying in hospital, but the administration refused. Some 70 members of the Knesset signed a petition last week urging Obama to accede to the Pollard family’s request.

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6 thoughts on “Israel’s latest scheme to spring Pollard from prison

  1. esteban

    here you go

    clean out/clear out
    every single one
    that might have a
    dual loyalty

    come clean on
    your nuclear
    [sign and follow
    the non-proliferation treaty]

    stop oppressing the people
    ‘under your care’
    for starters

    then we’ll talk

  2. Norman

    So, let’s see what the “O” says about this. If he has the balls for this, which way will he go? If he allows it, then he shouldn’t be reelected. That’s not to say he should be otherwise either.

  3. Mirza Ferdous Alam

    Netanyahu is beating around the bush. He should approach the Congress via AIPAC to get the job done!

    After all ploy of releasing a spy——no matter who he worked for —– is less problematic to outrageous endorsement of massacre of thousands of Palestinians.

  4. OK Pali

    Mirza, obviously Netanyhu isn’t making this demand because he actually expects (or probably even really cares that much about it) if Pollard is released. It’s all about domestic politics.

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