Missing Iraq cash ‘as high as $18bn’

Al Jazeera reports:

Osama al-Nujaifi, the Iraqi parliament speaker, has told Al Jazeera that the amount of Iraqi money unaccounted for by the US is $18.7bn – three times more than the reported $6.6bn.

Just before departing for a visit to the US, al-Nujaifi said that he has received a report this week based on information from US and Iraqi auditors that the amount of money withdrawn from a fund from Iraqi oil proceeds, but unaccounted for, is much more than the $6.6bn reported missing last week.

“There is a lot of money missing during the first American administration of Iraqi money in the first year of occupation.

“Iraq’s development fund has lost around $18bn of Iraqi money in these operations – their location is unknown. Also missing are the documents of expenditure.

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3 thoughts on “Missing Iraq cash ‘as high as $18bn’

  1. Norman

    Between the thieves of Baghdad and all those cronies from the U.S. who visited Iraq in those first days after the Bush declared mission accomplished, as well as the continuing parade of those closed caskets arriving back in the U.S., well, that old saying, follow the money is probably a cold trail by now. Besides, that would take courage of our elected officials as well as those that are supposedly heads of the various departments that should be looking/investigating criminal activity in the U.S. Sadly, those values are nowhere to be found today, as it seems the whole lot have been bought & paid for. The whole upper echelon has been corrupted and act like a crime syndicate, The United States Mafia!

  2. dickerson3870

    “Everyone knows” the Pentagon will steal you blind if you let them. They are notoriously bad at book-keeping and no one has ever been able to successfully audit them.

  3. OK Pali

    The war profiteers wanted Iraq. Bush/Cheney gave them everything they wanted. Lets see if their dream of permanent bases comes true (and the permanent government contracts that come with it).

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