Criminalising Palestinian solidarity

Maureen Murphy writes:

The United States government has criminalised the Palestinian people, and now it is increasingly treating US citizens who stand in solidarity with Palestine as criminals as well – including those courageously putting their lives on the line to break the siege on Gaza.

I am a Palestine solidarity activist in the US, and one of 23 US citizens who have been issued with a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury as part of what the government has said is an investigation into violations of the laws banning material support to foreign “terrorist organisations”.

None of us have given money or weapons to any group on the State Department’s foreign terrorist organisation list. But what many of us have done is participate in or help organise educational trips to meet with Palestinians and Colombians resisting the US-funded military regimes they live under.

The goal of these trips is to learn about the human rights violations happening in these places and to bring those stories back home to the US, to educate people and to organise to change US foreign policy for the better.

Travel for such purposes should be protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. But a year ago the US Supreme Court decided in Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project to dramatically expand the government’s definition of what constitutes material support for a foreign terrorist organisation.

Now the government considers travel to places like the West Bank and Colombia to be a predicate or justification for opening up an investigation and issuing search warrants to raid activists’ homes and seize their belongings. Political speech if made in a “coordinated way” can be construed as material support.

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2 thoughts on “Criminalising Palestinian solidarity

  1. Christopher Hoare

    One has to note that the price to American citizens for protecting Israel is increasing harrasssment, denial of civil rights, and loss of Constitutional safeguards. Has any Israeli citizen been required to give up anything to continue this one-sided political travesty?

    July Fourth is just around the corner—it’d be good to see some evidence of blowback.

  2. Norman

    The U.S. has entered the twilight zone, started down that slippery slope, which ultimately end up costing the American people more treasure in ways other than just dollars & cents. I guess it depends who are the terrorists and whether the Government supports them.

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