Juliano ship heads for Gaza

Ynet reports:

The Gaza-bound Juliano ship left Greece Wednesday afternoon, after suffering huge delays due in part to a ban set by Athens on the departure of flotilla ships from its ports.

On board the ship are 20 activists. Last week flotilla organizers claimed that Israel had sabotaged the ship in an attempt to prevent it from sailing.

“We are at sea,” former Israeli Dror Feiler, one of the organizers, told Ynet. “All roads lead to Gaza. It will be a small but high-quality flotilla.”

Greta Berlin, a spokeswoman for the Free Gaza movement, told Ynet that the Juliano will rendezvous, in international waters, with a French boat already at sea before heading towards the Strip. She gave no details on the location of the meeting.

Feiler also refused to provide details on the progress planned for the boats. “At this point I can only say that after a lengthy battle we finally succeeded in departing. The Greeks gave us a lot of trouble, but we met all of their conditions and they couldn’t hold us any longer,” he said. “It was like David versus Goliath.”

The former Israeli also lamented the fact that a Greek company had reneged on a deal to provide cement for the people of Gaza.

“They gave us our money back, said they had been pressured and that they could not hold up their end of the deal,” he said, adding that the flotilla organizers plan to sue the company.

The Juliano had previously attempted to set sail on Tuesday, but the Greek coast guard surrounded the ship and quashed the attempt. Now, Feiler believes, the only thing standing between them and Gaza is the IDF.

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2 thoughts on “Juliano ship heads for Gaza

  1. Christopher Hoare

    If two ships can leave Greece, it says something about the others. Perhaps they are being held up by coast guards without the ability of moral judgement, or are merely brown-nosers. One thing is certain, Papandreyou is a disgrace to the family name—I hope the Israelis are paying him enough to rescue Greece from defaulting its debt. The world will hardly be moved by sympathy for their predicament now.

  2. Frigga Karl

    The Israeli do not pay anything, its the IMF with 3,2 billions more to add to the 110 billions (IMF is pro israel). which big international institution or government is not influenced by Israel? One can say that in these 63 years the Lobby has done good work. But only in the power sphere! People of consciousness can not be bought. and this sphere is growing tremendously quick! That is why Israel is so nervous. It can not throw out all Palestinians until tomorrow. Israel has lost , there is no time left for zionist israel. The future will be one state with all its citizen with equal rights. still then, israel will still kill a maximum of Palestinians but it can not change the outcome. Have you ever seen a nation to be doomed to kill, just to hold the majority of 85%.
    This is the end of Israel and the criminal zionist enterprise.

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