Patriotic American Muslims viewed with suspicion by many fellow citizens

Which religious group of Americans has the most positive view of their fellow American Muslims? American Jews.

Which religious group of Americans has the greatest appreciation for religious pluralism in America? American Muslims.

American Muslims and American Jews have almost exactly the same level of support — about 80% — for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The least level of support comes from Protestants — 69%.

Only 56% of Protestants believe that Muslims living in America have no sympathy for al Qaeda.

48% of Muslim Americans say that they have personally experienced racial or religious discrimination in the last year.

These are some of the findings from a new Gallop poll on Muslim Americans.

Christian Science Monitor reports:

A poll released Thursday revealed curious contradictions in the Muslim-American community, which is more enthused about its country and president than any other religious group, yet is the least politically active and faces the greatest discrimination.

The Gallup poll on American religious groups offers a counterpoint to the stereotype that Muslims in the US lead isolated lives because they do not feel comfortable fitting in or associating with mainstream American culture. Moreover, it also offers insights into the Muslim-American experience – from how dramatically the election of President Obama affected them to how little they trust the activists who work on their behalf.

In total, the poll paints a picture of a community characterized by optimism but still seeking acceptance among its fellow citizens.

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