2 thoughts on “9/11 documents claim intelligence on Bin Laden, targets withheld from Congress’ probe

  1. pabelmont

    Might the terrorists — going “in and out” with CIA knowledge — perhaps have been CIA dupes, believing they were working for OBL? (As, for example, many Arabs have been fooled into joining aborted terrorism plots by teh FBI).

    I ask because of the helping-hand they got when their airplanes were not intercepted or shot down, the apparent demolition-charge cause of the collapses of the twin towers, and the oh-so-speedy cleanup of debris at Pentagon and NYC, avoiding careful (or more general) analysis.

  2. Norman

    Perhaps we will find out the truth of what really happened on 9/11 one of these days? For all those who say that the cast of those engaged in cover up, i.e. conspiracy only need look at the present atmosphere we live under today. The threat that one can disappear into a black hole, especially after all this fear that the Bush/Cheney used and “O” is continuing to use, at the moment seems to be enough to prevent those with knowledge from stepping forward. The present rebuttal that if there were a conspiracy, then someone would talk, seems to be starting with the bits & pieces that are surfacing now.

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