Libya’s new PM Mahmoud Jibril faces growing unrest

The Guardian reports:

Libya’s interim prime minister arrived in Tripoli on Thursday for his first public appearance in the capital since Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown more than two weeks ago, to face criticism that the country is experiencing a power vacuum.

Mahmoud Jibril’s debut press conference coincided with a meeting of revolutionary activists from across Libya who called on the National Transitional Council to show leadership or face potential revolt.

Saoud Elhafi, co-founder of the February 17 Coalition – a reference to the date of the first uprising – told the Guardian that there had been frustration over Jibril’s long diplomatic missions abroad.

“There is definitely a vacuum,” he said. “He needs to fill this vacuum as soon as possible. He was assigned to form a new government but we are yet to see it. Part of stability is to provide services to the people – otherwise, they will revolt.”

Elhafi added: “In the next few weeks you will see change with Mr Jibril. There’s a lot of pressure on him now. The honeymoon period for him now is gone. People are coming together to say enough is enough.”

He said of Jibril, head of the NTC’s executive office: “We notice he is not available. He is mostly outside Libya; you can count on your hands the days he is here. It is not acceptable. He needs to be in touch with the people.”

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