Israel preparing for ‘significant expansion’ of Gaza operation, says government official

Haaretz reports: A senior government official in Jerusalem said during a press briefing late Wednesday that Israel is preparing for “a significant expansion of the operation, including a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, and summoning the reservists.”

The official said that until now, the operation has already achieved several goals, including severe damage to Hamas’ long-range Fajr missiles, which can reach Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan area.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone Wednesday with U.S. President Obama adn thanks him for hi support. “I appreciate you backing Israel’s right to defend itself,” Netanyahu told Obama. The prime minister also spoke with Vice President Joe Biden and EU foreign policy chief Catherine AshtonCatherine Ashton. Netanyahu is also expected to speak with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. “The prime minister will continue diplomatic efforts and explain that Israel will operate to change the reality in the Gaza Strip and to stop the fire,” the official said.

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One thought on “Israel preparing for ‘significant expansion’ of Gaza operation, says government official

  1. est

    you’d think israel was the center of the universe
    i can assure you it is not and never will be

    that certain people called ‘dibs’ on this place and
    changed the name and occupied the original inhabitants

    and continues to do injury to them and all of us
    while we sit back and wait for what ? to happen

    there needs to be a reverse emancipation
    every single palestinian should leave that place

    the whole world will receive you with open arms
    and then we will see what those ‘settlers’ got [get]

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