Is War in Context an indispensable news source for you?

“Like anyone else interested in the news, I spend the beginning of each day reading — from the U.S. mainstream media to overseas newspapers, from personal websites to news aggregators to political blogs. But of the dozens of internet sites that I read, War In Context is always first on my list. For me, it is the one indispensable source that gives me both a essential insight into the news, coupled with an always crucial and pointed commentary. I find War In Context supremely useful, as it not only identifies and highlights the news of the day, but also provides a breadth of coverage that I’ve not found elsewhere. War In Context says that it provides ‘attention to the unseen,’ but for me it also brings my attention to ‘the unread and unnoticed’ — a crucial culling of stories that I will surely have missed had I not read it. So it is that War In Context provides me not simply with another set of eyes, it provides another, and very badly needed perspective.”
Mark Perry, journalist and author most recently of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with Its Enemies.

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