Russia preparing for full-scale invasion of Ukraine

n13-iconThe Interpreter: Russia now has a massive force of tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft, and naval forces in position to potentially invade mainland Ukraine from Crimea in the south, but also from positions east and north of Ukraine. However, today reports are pouring in from across Russia of even more firepower on the move:

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2 thoughts on “Russia preparing for full-scale invasion of Ukraine

  1. Jeff

    I’m done with this website. Too supportive of the west’s brutal support of Al Qaeda in Syria and now your frothing support for the heathens who took Kiev by force. I’m beginning to doubt your honesty and suspect you very well might be a phony site to steer us away from the truth. I wish the people of Crimea the best and hope the vote tomorrow goes for separation from the u.s. / e.u.

  2. Paul Woodward

    Through War in Context, I take pride in practicing independent journalism with a degree of independence that is unusual. Most people who describe themselves as practitioners of independent journalism are referring to independence from concentrated political and corporate power. That’s all well and good, although there’s often a measure of vanity in casting oneself as a David battling Goliath. Such a narrative leaves no doubt about who the crowd should be cheering.

    The real test of independence for a political website revolves around its relationship with its own readers. Most people like to have their own opinions reinforced and the sphere of politics is not one that encourages fresh thinking. Instead, it strengthens “tribal” affiliations.

    Over the years, War in Context has become branded in various ways, but that branding has more often been the product of reader perceptions rather than editorial direction.

    In recent years, on a number of occasions — in response to events in Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine — I have deviated from the expectations of a number of regular readers at this site. At each instance, I’m aware of the orthodoxies I’m challenging, but I’m not deterred by the thought that this will drive some readers away.

    At all times I endeavor to understand what is really happening in the world and do so without applying ideological presuppositions and without any concern for this site’s popularity.

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