Israelis believe #Hamas was more successful than #Israel in latest war

The Jerusalem Post reports: More Israelis believe Hamas emerged victorious in Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip than think that Israel did, according to a poll published Wednesday.

The poll of 512 respondents, a representative sample of the adult Jewish Israeli population, was taken Monday by respected pollster Mina Tzemach. It was sponsored by strategist Roni Rimon, who worked in the past for Likud and now insists he initiated it on his own out of his own curiosity.

When asked about the results of the operation, only 2.7 percent said it was a big success for Israel and 18.6% said the results for Israel were good for a total of 21.4 percent.

By contrast, 10.4% called the operation in the Gaza Strip a big success for Hamas and 17.8% said the results for Hamas were good for a total of 28%.

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