Yemen rebels use increasingly brutal tactics against demonstrators

The Washington Post reports: The Houthi rebels who have seized control of northern Yemen are systematically targeting peaceful protesters in the capital with death threats, abductions and severe beatings, according to activists and human rights groups.

The increasingly brutal tactics, they say, are meant to halt demonstrations that erupted ­after the Houthis toppled Yemen’s pro-American government in Sanaa last month and then dissolved parliament. But the knifings and other violent measures appear to be having the opposite effect. Rallies against the Houthis have increased in frequency and size, heightening concerns that the country is heading for all-out civil war.

Several Yemenis said in interviews that they or their friends had been unlawfully detained and abused by Houthis. At least one protester, identified as Salah al-Bashri, died as a result of what appeared to be beatings he suffered while in Houthi custody, according to an ­Amnesty International report released Monday. [Continue reading…]

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