Inside Russia’s ‘Kremlin troll army’

Olga Bugorkova reports: Over the past year, Russia has seen an unprecedented rise in the activity of “Kremlin trolls” – bloggers allegedly paid by the state to criticise Ukraine and the West on social media and post favourable comments about the leadership in Moscow.

Though the existence and even whereabouts of the alleged “cyber army” are no secret, recent media reports appear to have revealed some details of how one of the tools of Russian propaganda operates on an everyday basis.

The Internet Research Agency (“Agentstvo Internet Issledovaniya”) employs at least 400 people and occupies an unremarkable office in one of the residential areas in St Petersburg. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Inside Russia’s ‘Kremlin troll army’

  1. Phlipn Pagee

    If this were to be an honest article, it would of dealt with all propaganda trolls not just Russia’s. The sad reality is this article is become an extension of the Russia bashing propaganda that has seized the internet and media channels across the Western lie spewing propaganda machine.

  2. Paul Woodward

    Ah! Watch out for “the Western lie spewing propaganda machine.” I look forward to reports about the other government-run troll armies that you allude to.

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