Climate scientists are very worried about a Trump presidency

Huffington Post reports: Leading climate scientists are reeling in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton Tuesday, and scrambling to understand how his presidency will affect the struggle against climate change.

Trump has promised to be a fierce ally of the fossil fuel industry, has called climate change a Chinese hoax and has vowed to end federal spending on climate change initiatives and pull the U.S. out of the climate agreement reached in Paris last year.

While it would likely take more than a single term in the White House for Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the possibility has left climate scientists grasping for answers about what the future holds.

“I don’t think anyone knows what this means for U.S. policy on climate science or emissions reductions,” Andrew Dessler, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, told Carbon Brief, a U.K. news site that interviewed 21 climate scientists about their reactions to Trump’s election.

“To quote James Hansen, I fear this may be game over for the climate,” said Dr. Michael E. Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University. [Continue reading…]

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