Why is Trump undoing decades of U.S. policy on Jerusalem?

Shibley Telhami writes: From the outset, most experts understood that the “deal of the century” [to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] was most likely beyond reach and that its collapse may lead to President Trump lashing out with such moves as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and giving the green light to expand Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The fact that the White House may take a controversial step on Jerusalem now, before he even has a chance to unveil his plan, means one of two things.

The first is that his advisers live in their own bubble, reinforced by unprecedented inexperience. In fact, this is already a public fear. Despite deep partisanship on almost every issue, Americans come together on this issue: 81 percent of all Americans, including 71 percent of Republicans, prefer Trump relying on experts in his Middle East diplomacy, not on inexperienced family members and personal lawyers.

But there is a second possibility: That the Trump administration has already given up on its “deal of the century” and is looking for ways to pin the blame on someone else. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Why is Trump undoing decades of U.S. policy on Jerusalem?

  1. Patrick Cummins

    It’s a good idea to ask the question, as this article does, of “Why is Trump doing this?” It is, not however, “almost impossible to see the logic” behind it.

    Trump is doing this because of the one thing that always matters to him: money. Specifically, his need to placate his biggest campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson, who spent huge sums to help get Trump elected.

    It’s remarkable that Prof. Telhami does mention any of this, even as a possibility. Much more pursuasive analysis is available at Lobelog: http://lobelog.com/trumps-biggest-donor-pushed-for-jerusalem-embassy-move/

  2. Patrick Cummins

    Sorry, for the topo. I meant to say that Prof. Telhami does NOT mention anything of the influence that Adelson (or other donors) may have on Trump and his decision to move the U.S. embassy.

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