Goldstone to Haaretz: U.S. does not have to protect Israel blindly

Goldstone to Haaretz: U.S. does not have to protect Israel blindly

The Goldstone report is expected to be raised for discussion in the United Nations Security Council in the near future, and Goldstone Thursday discussed the possibility that the United States would veto any resolution that would hurt Israel when it comes to the implementation of the report’s findings. “I do not believe that any nation should protect another nation blindly. I would prefer to see the United States furnish reasons for criticizing the report. The United States has supported our call for credible investigations by Israel and by the Gaza authorities, whether the PA or Hamas,” he said.

Goldstone reiterated statements he has made, as well as those made by a number of Israeli human rights groups, inviting an open, public investigation and categorically rejecting a probe by the Israel Defense Forces of the Gaza campaign. “It does not suffice for the military to investigate itself. That will satisfy very few people and certainly not the victims.”

However Goldstone stressed that “in any public inquiry, it would be open to the Israeli government and the IDF to have sensitive security information protected from public disclosure.”

When asked how far up the chain of command he felt such a criminal investigation should go, and whether decision-makers in government be its subject, he replied: “A criminal investigation should go as high up the chain of command, both military and civilian, as the evidence justifies.” [continued…]

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  1. DE Teodoru

    Attention all Muslims: Goldstone is the kind of Jew many of your roots stem from– moral and courageous, a model of righteousness to us all. If you believe in your individual soul that God judges you personally in the same light, then reach out to him as “family” under Heaven and work together towards a reunification of your sacred Semitic roots so you can TOGETHER create a prosperous environment for all your progeny. Do not waste this chance for family reuinion before the very same God you both worship. Maybe then you will be free of our Western avarice. Shalom-Salam!

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