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“Paul Woodward’s War in Context is well named except it is not just war Woodward puts in context but foreign policy in general. For me, War in Context serves as a corrective I apply to my own thinking and writing. If I am on the same page as Paul Woodward, I know I have got it right. If I’m not, I go back and re-think. It’s not that I will change my own thinking if it is not compatible with Paul’s but rather that I respect his powers of analysis so much that he makes me think twice. Additionally, War in Context provides me with a guide to articles and columns from sources I would probably have missed otherwise. Having it close at hand is an insurance policy. If I read it, I know I am on top of events even if perchance I don’t get to read much else. It is indispensable.”
M.J. Rosenberg, blogger and author of The Israel Lobby & Me to be published by Just World Books later this year.

As an independent news editor and commentator, I use my own judgment. I don’t bow to anyone — not to governments, or political parties, or corporations, or the mainstream media, or advertisers, or think tanks, or academia, or popular opinion, or ideology, or the blogosphere, or social media, or even my own readership.

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